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Danny and Lorie Macuha have been serving with Missionary Ventures since 2011.

Living and working in the Philippines, they have many effective ministries to share the love of Jesus with people. Some of these include, an education program, feeding programs for malnourished children, hygiene programs, church planting, and community development programs to help the Mangyan people improve their quality of life and come together in community.

The couple shows no sign of slowing down as they have plans to begin projects on various schools for training youth and biblical training, as well as different centres for community development and pastor retreats.

The Philippines

(Batangas & Mindoro island)

News and Prayer Points

After recent serious flooding across Mindoro island in the Philippines, church leaders across the island have mobilised to distribute essential relief in several affected communities - with your support. Thank you!

Will you help us clean water for Mangyan tribal communities? Watch the video to find out how …

Update 13 October 2018

Four Mangyan tribal communities are now installing clean water systems on Mindoro island, and safe water will be flowing very soon!

Update 1 December 2018

Four Mangyan tribal communities on Mindoro island in the Philippines now have access to clean water, following the installation of new spring-fed tank systems, with two more tank systems and one JetMatic pump system* to be installed in three other remote villages very soon!

* total of six tank systems and one JetMatic system (not four / two as reported in the newsletter)

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