Pastor Andre Ngovene loves his growing congregation. They worship the Lord together every Sunday in Mozambique, often sheltering under trees from the 35C heat.

They are the poorest of the poor, and many live only in reed shelters, yet they are growing consistently in their faith and outreach. For years, they have prayed for a regular meeting place, a church home to call their own and help them be more effective in reaching their community.

Pastor Andre recently received enough funds from donors to build a small church with a metal roof in the bush, that would hopefully last them 5 or 10 years.

Then just before he was to break ground on the ‘bush church,’ Pastor Andre noticed an old building for sale. A large, sturdy concrete building, with lots of land and a borehole (well) that could be used for drinking and growing vegetables. If this were his church, it would last much longer than 5 or 10 years, and it would serve his ministry vision of classrooms for Bible training and community development outreach projects. Bonus: it is located in a very safe area of town, right across from the police station.

Could this be the Lord's answer to his prayers?

He showed the building and land to South Africa Director Coralie Roets and some others. Coralie agreed that it was a wonderful building, and steps are now in place to help Pastor Andre build the church - without needing to BUILD anything!

We need your help to complete the vision!

The majority of the cost must be paid up front, but the remaining balance can be paid over the next year as Pastor Andre and our African brothers and sisters believe they can raise those funds.

They need only $6,500 to secure the building, and with your help, the congregation can soon begin meeting in their first permanent location.


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