With Christmas fast approaching, our co-workers in the Philippines are busy preparing for celebrations and outreach events, as well as for relief operations that are sadly required all too often in this part of the world that is prone to natural disasters.

By sourcing gifts and relief items from local suppliers, instead of sending them from New Zealand, we can not only avoid significant shipping costs and maximise the effectiveness of the programmes but also support the local economy and promote srong partnerships with local businesses.

Please take a moment to follow the updates below and prayerfully consider supporting any of these life-giving, transformative initiatives.


Ps Rolly & Nimfa Vasey (our Field Coordinators in Cebu) are planning a large Christmas Party for 300 children and baskets of Groceries for 120 Pastors – all of them living in remote, mountain communities.

They’ve already raised 20% of the projected costs and are looking to raise an additional $2,000 for this much anticipated annual event.


Mangyan Child with Apple

Ps Danny & Lorie Macuha (Field Coordinators on Mindoro island) are also planning Christmas outreaches to remote Mangyan tribal communities, to bring joy and encouragement to families living in poor conditions.

Your donation will help provide a nutritious Christmas treat and gifts for Mangyan children. Last year we purchased 400 apples as most of the children have never tasted an apple before!


Danny & Lorie are also providing relief support to a coastal community following another recent typhoon. Danny asks:

include in your prayers the affected places, families and brethren in Occidental (West) Mindoro due to the 5 meters wave cause by the typhoon especially to the family who live near in seashore.

Your donation will help provide essential food, water, medical and other supplies for the most affected families.


Agape Don Salvador church

Bishop Philip Gonzalez and his wife Jemima have just returned from Negros, where they installed a pastor for their most recent church plant: AGAPE DON SALVADOR ASSEMBLY. Please join with Philip in praying that God will bless this congregation in their humble beginnings.

Cotabato Earthquake damage

We’ve also just received news from Bishop Philip that he is taking a local team to extend relief operations in the earthquake stricken province of Cotabato. Pastor Rendo Fuerte has reported that the church and houses in their village were badly damaged. Their first trip to the area – where rebel groups are operating – will be on 22 November and they will take hygiene kits and other essential supplies.

According to Bishop Philip …

they belong to the the Tagabawah Tribe mostly rubber tree farmers and coconut climbers with only 15 professionals among them. They cannot go back to their rubber tree farms because the mountain collapsed (landslide) The earthquake damage is so widespread because it covers several provinces. A lot of churches have been damaged …

Your donation will help fund these relief trips and allow Bishop Philip and his teams to bless the people who have been most affected through essential supplies of food, water and hygiene kits.