We always partner with national leaders, with almost 200 missionaries on the field serving in more than 70 countries.  These men and woman of God are His heart, hands and feet to a world in need of a Saviour. They have surrendered everything, sold their possessions, and many times suffer incredible hardships.
Yet God is using them, and the indigenous leaders they partner with, to make an impact in the nations for His glory.  It is not without sacrifice. There is much evil and opposition. Yet, every week we continue to see lives changed by the power of the Gospel.
Think about the ripple effect.  The more of us that get involved in spreading the Gospel through prayer, medical missions, short-term or long-term missions the more we will impact the nations for Christ.
Please pray about how you can get involved with us, either on a short-term team trip, as an intern or as a full-time worker …


Do you feel called to serve a certain nation?
Is there a specific ministry that speaks to your heart?
These are some of the nations with opportunities for teams and individuals to take part in the Great Commission: