'Machy & Beu'

Field Coordinators
‘Machy’ and ‘Beu’
‘Machy’ and ‘Beu’ (as they are affectionally known) are doing a great work amongst the pastors and are stirred by the message of the Kingdom of God and the command to make disciples. They focus on raising and envisioning Apostolic Kingdom Discipling leaders with the power of multiplication to fulfil the Great Commission. They are great exhorters and encouragers of pastors and leaders throughout Andhra Pradesh and they communicate and envision the local churches.
Some of the ways which we hope to support them are through sending volunteers to help with the outreach ministries like youth and children, leadership training, pastoral family enrichment seminars, medical and health awareness programmes, caring and education for poor children and many other community development projects according to the place and their needs.
Do you feel the call to any of the above, can you help in the growth of God’s Kingdom in India?
Prayerfully and prophetically they are seeking the Lord’s direction to establish a Global Leadership Learning Centre that is an ideal learning environment and building facility for equipping, envisioning and enlarging the vision. They hope to be able to fund the purchase of land during 2018. “The more labourers – the greater the harvest”
Their children’s homes at three different locations are doing well, the children have been so thrilled to have visitors spending time with them sharing stories and playing the games and the quiz.
Having conducting their first special summer camp, cooking and feeding children for three days and distributing special gifts for them, both parents and children were so thrilled to witnessed that this was the first time we are having such a special program for our kids. The three days program was full of fun with moral stories, games, dance and devotional songs. This year they are praying and planning to train special team to work among children.